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Small and mid-sized enterprises can now take advantage of the same e-Sourcing solution that has saved large corporations millions of dollars a year across their direct and indirect spend. With this new program, organizations can achieve as much as 25% savings - without being bogged down in technical complexities and without incurring the high license or subscription fees and consulting costs normally associated with these efforts.

Moai® Technologies, a global leader in sourcing consulting services and technology-enabled solutions is now offering OnDemandSourcing™, an innovative, hosted solution that brings the power and flexibility of e-Sourcing to companies on a per-event cost basis, with volume prices starting at less than $1,600 per web-based event.

To accommodate the varying needs of different organizations, Moai is offering three different programs – Self-Service, Managed-Service and Full-Service.

OnDemandSourcing events are hosted in a secure environment to provide a positive experience for first-time customers. Moai’s team is available to help companies select items, quickly configure events, and train buyers and suppliers in order to run reverse auctions and multi-line sourcing events that have been proven to reduce costs and help companies operate more efficiently.

OnDemandSourcing offers companies measurable and documented benefits including:
Cost reductions of up to 25%;
Elimination of risk and reduced cost of entry;
Reduction of up to 65% in sourcing cycle times;
Improvement in workflow efficiencies and time-to-market;
Enhanced collaboration with key suppliers;
Ease of use, with quick setup; and
Access to best practices in sourcing.
OnDemandSourcing leverages and extends Moai’s proven track record of providing CompleteSource™, its complementary flagship e-Sourcing solution, to many Fortune 500 companies. The record is impressive: more than $10 billion in goods and services have been sourced using CompleteSource with Moai’s customers realizing average savings of 16-20% over the price they traditionally paid for goods and services.

First-time users should start with our Managed-Service, which will essentially be offered at Self-Serve prices. OnDemandSourcing gives mid-sized enterprises the opportunity to utilize key capabilities of Moai’s CompleteSource enterprise software and benefit from the strategic, streamlined approach to buying the goods they need to compete in the marketplace. The bottom-line cost savings from a program such as OnDemandSourcing are easily quantifiable, making it a service that C-level executives can understand, appreciate and implement.
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