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OnDemandSourcing Overview

OnDemandSourcing provide a clear process for each event. The customer will work with the OnDemandSourcing team to scope out the first event or block of events. The OnDemandSourcing team will work with the buyers and suppliers to schedule and setup the events. The buyers will be trained on how to monitor their event during the entire event life cycle. If needed, the suppliers will be trained and a Mock Auction will be conducted. The OnDemandSourcing team will be on-line with the buyer for the live event. After the event, the buyer will be provided with reports of all of the event activity and savings. The OnDemandSourcing team will perform a post event review with the buyer and follow-up on any outstanding issues. The buyer will then award the business to one or more than one supplier depending on the event. The buyer and the OnDemandSourcing team will then move to the next event.

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