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Customer Journey

There are several starting points within the OnDemandSourcing offering. Depending on the customers needs there are three different entry points: Full-Service, Managed-Service and Self- Service. The Full-Service entry point is designed for the customer that needs extra assistance getting started with e-Sourcing. All aspect of this process will be managed by the OnDemandSourcing team.

The Managed-Service allows companies with some experience with e-Sourcing but minimal in house resources to get started quickly using the OnDemandSourcing service, running events in a matter of days. The Self-Service entry point is for those customers with experience in on-line sourcing and with a large number of events per year. These customer can begin running their events independently almost immediately. Regardless of the entry point customers money moves from service to service, depending on their needs. The goal for all of our customers is to help them become independent users of either the OnDemandSourcing solution or the CompleteSource Solution.

Customer Journey
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