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The Resource Library is a central place to find current information on all aspects of e-Sourcing. Organizations new to OnDemandSourcing or e-Sourcing in general will find a wealth of information on how to start saving money.

In this section procurement professionals will find information on how OnDemandSourcing can help with specific commodities and items, and can access real world case studies to see the activity during and after event and the savings that are possible for all organizations.

White papers are also available on a variety of topics to help your organization take the first steps towards participating in the e-Sourcing revolution.

Savings & ROI
Gaining a deep, consolidated view of spend categories with actionable analyses is a key piece of a successful global supply management program. Access our collection of articles, white papers, case studies, and presentations to learn more about the latest developments.

Savings in both direct and indirect spend can have a considerable bottom-line impact. However, a small savings in material component of the cost-of-goods-sold can significantly improve net income.

Case Studies

See how companies are successfully employing e-Sourcing tools and learn from their experiences.

Item Experience
See what items companies are focused on and how they apply to your organization.

White Papers
Gain insight into e-Sourcing. Read informative white papers to get a better understanding and more in-depth knowledge of the benefits of e-Sourcing. Here you will find information about industry verticals and recommendations from analysts.

Case Studies
Item Experience
Literature and Papers
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