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Upcoming Seminars

These FREE on-line seminars are very popular and in order to keep the sessions very interactive, we only accept up to eight (8) registrants per session. Feel free to register for anyone of these seminars or the entire series. A seminar coordinator will contact you with potential dates and available time slots.

Please note that we can conduct these seminars, at your convenience, for multiple participants from your organization.


Paving the Road to e-Sourcing for Small and Mid-sized Companies

Seminar Overview:

e-Sourcing has been in the news for a number of years now. Many larger companies have adopted e-Sourcing strategies and purchased in-house solutions to meet their needs. The media today is filled with stories about all the money that these companies have saved. But what about the smaller companies that may not have the infrastructure to support an enterprise application? Should they be left out of the e-Sourcing wave? This seminar will give an overview of the tools and technologies on the market today and show how any company can get started quickly and easily with OnDemandSourcing.

Seminar Synopsis:

In this session you will learn:
• What e-Sourcing tools and technologies are available today
• What is involved in running e-Sourcing events
• How you can get started right now

Seminar Duration:
30 Minutes

Seminar Format:
On-line presentation with audio. You will need access to the web and a telephone.

Seminar Cost:

Special Offer:
Attend a seminar and if you sign up with 15 days of it, receive an additional 10% off any OnDemandSourcing service.

A confirmation message and instructions will be e-mailed to you prior
to the online seminar.

Upcoming Seminars
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1. Finding the e-Sourcing Model That's Right for You

2. The Road to e-Sourcing Independence



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